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Like an exciting book, the menu takes you on a journey of emotions through the best seasonal produce and some signature dishes which have made the restaurant a must-visit on the Paris gourmet scene.

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Philippe Macquet, a key Dutournier figure

There is clear evidence of the 31 year professional relationship between the two men. Since the opening of Carré des Feuillants Alain Dutournier and his restaurant manager have joined forces with the same goal in mind. The bond is clear, a perfect balance. An early supporter.

Based on constructive and meaningful exchanges, the clear bond between Alain Dutournier and his restaurant manager is demonstrated through the delightful atmosphere. The experience is wonderful, marked by Philippe’s welcome which borrows an innate sense of hospitality from his love of Asia.

Our restaurant manager, Philippe

Our set menus

the seasonal picking
4 courses
Drinks package

mise en bouche
mussels broth

marinated seabream with tomatoes and almonds
or jumbo shrimp with cantalou, chutney and gaspqcho

main dish
snacked meagre fish with asparagus brandade
or filleted of beef in bone marrow crip, potatoes with mushrooms

cheese or desserts
seasonal cheeses fully matured
or thin tart with apricots, sweet nougat
or Mariguette strawberries in shortbread, rhubarb sherbet

menu signature
160 €

huître spéciales d’Arcachon rafraîchie
royale et tartare d’algues

quenelle d’écrevisses en bouillon
d’herbes parfumées

poularde d'arnaud Tauzin façon Belle Aurore
foie gras, ris de veau, coeur de laitue au jus

émincé de figues, gingembre caramélisé,

croquant aux noix

forfait boissons :
champagne Bonnaire, Macon Cruzille,
Bordeaux cht. Brandey
eau minérale et café

Discovery Menu
8 courses

native Arcachon oysters, Ebene caviar,
leaves with oyster taste

steam cooked lobster, potatoes

thick of wild turbot, vegetables

a story from the ceps mushrooms

duckling, orange, olive, turnips

Brillat Savarin in fougeruwith truffle  

chocolate surprise and punchy green tea 

raspberries, lemon, ewe cottage cheese

€220 per person,
served for the entire table
1 /

Our à la carte menu



  • Temptation Lunch: €68
    (amuse-bouche, starter, main and dessert)
  • Temptation Lunch: €98
    (with matching drinks, from the aperitif to coffee)
  • Discovery Menu: €220
    (8 courses)
  • Menu Signature in 4 services 160 € including all drinks, from aperitif (Champagne) to coffee                       
  • Privilege Offer:
     “under 40 = -20%” only on the Discovery menu, from 2 to 6 guests. Privilege offer terms and conditions available here.

Let our sommelier be your guide

Christophe, a trusted and expert sommelier, will explain and help you choose the ideal bottle which matches your menu and your guests.

Wine list

No fewer than 3,000 options make up the wine list, from the greatest vintages, exceptional wines and lesser-known local products, but full of charm and character, not forgetting the exceptional collection of rare brandies and an impressive selection of Bas-Armagnacs. Jewels, favourites, labours of love carefully selected from French terroirs and estates, not forgetting a dozen wines of the moment offered by the glass.
The old wines are stored on site in two historic air conditioned cellars, where they have optimum ageing and storage conditions. 

Our Sommelier, Christophe

La carte des vins

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