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Gastronomic restaurant near to Place Vendôme

Exceptional cuisine...

TheCarré des Feuillants restaurant

a sincere and modern vision of haute cuisine

Alain Dutournier and his executive chef, Laurent Bouveret, honour the tradition of French cuisine whilst offering a dynamic approach and constant curiosity which continues to blossom. They create characterful, modern and inventive cuisine which uses quality products and is full of surprises at the start of an unexpected journey of emotions.
Philippe, the restaurant manager, also an early supporter, carefully manages the hospitality and restaurant service.

and contemporary interior 

The Carré des Feuillants restaurant is made up of 4 different sized rooms. One with bright colours and another with soft tones - the contrast catches the eye, creating a particularly harmonious and elegant balance.

The chef’s eclectic passion for modern artwork is reflected in the display of a César compression next to a Tony Soulié triptych, Castor and Pollux combined with the salt crystals of Jean-Pierre Formica, a canvas by Ngo van Sac, a young Burmese artist... A strong display which demonstrates how Carré des Feuillants cultivates magic and exceptional alchemy between regional links and an outward-looking view onto the world.

Laurent, Executive chef

Laurent Bouveret talented executive chef

The link between Laurent Bouveret and Carré des Feuillants started in 1995, when Alain Dutournier offered him the role of sous-chef. Years of working and training followed. The trust and bond between the two men was formed over the years. Now, Laurent Bouveret manages the team at Carré des Feuillants. He continues to grow, offering refined and authentic cuisine where each dish takes its inspiration from a childhood memory, an ancestral tradition, a regional dish, discovery of new food, before being thought of as a contemporary and original composition which turns certainties on their head and creates some memorable moments.

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